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Be the game changer

Nowadays we are facing a socio-technological change that will establish a new definition of the Industry and trade. We need to redefine roles to build better solutions by going from competitors to collaborators, from parallel to horizontal industries, from reactive to proactive and from talking about the future to start shaping it.

The IOT Solutions World Congress fosters cross sector collaboration by connecting with the game changers that are defining how technologies impact over business.

Focus on the end user

Since our main source of income is the exhibition space and sponsorship sales, we tend to focus all efforts of the communication campaign on this area. Generally we try to convince exhibitors by highlighting their solutions and brands.

We tend to forget that what the exhibitors are really looking for are visitors: “quality audience” and “opportunities” to spread their messages and ultimately sell their solutions.

Engaging our audience. In our story the end-user should be the protagonist.

Asensio Comunicació Visual is a creative agency and audiovisual production company

We specialise in brand strategy, concept development, content marketing and visual storytelling in transmedia projects. We are based in Barcelona and available for work worldwide.

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